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Training Consultancy

INJAZ CTC provides training programs that have been designed to meet the requirements of both individuals and organisations.
We have recruited qualified professionals with academic and business experience in both international organisations in the Middle East and abroad to deliver our programs.
Some of the programs offered are described below, however we are flexible and can customise our programs to meet the specific requirements of your organisation.


IT Solutions

INJAZ CTC is a leading managed services provider of IT support and maintenance services with expertise in working with small and medium sized businesses.

Online Education and Services

INJAZ CTC is a provider of learning solutions and learning content to individuals and organisations.
At INJAZ CTC, we believe that e-Learning is a solution for challenging times, when both time and money have high opportunity costs.
We believe that you deserve flexibility and choice that allows an effective and efficient solution to your Organisation’s training requirement.
You can choose when and where to access our training opportunities.
InjazCTC is a specialized provider of e-learning program skills.
We offer 368 e-courses in the areas of Business and Management Skills and Computer skills .
Currently the courses are in English (Arabic version release is currently underway).
Our programs deliver cognitive information and training that improves understanding and competency in the study areas that are taught.
We welcome you to take a tour of our e-learning courses and chose the ones most suitable for you and or your organization.


Pshychometric Test

Assesment tools which empower business leaders and impact on the organization.

Straightforward, Quick to use & with rapid results.

Match the right condidates to the right job.