Training Consultancy

ISO [10015+] - Certification on Quality of Training Investment


INJAZ CTC is an authorised implementer of ISO [10015+] in Collaboration with Milestones, a certification on Quality of Training Investment.

ISO[10015+] is a quality System tool to support an Organisation in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of its training by providing a guideline standard based on pedagogical principles and processes.

ISO [10015+] Certification is the new solution to your quest for Quality and Efficiency and aims to answer the two key questions of any Training Department:

How can a Company make certain that its training investment is relevant to its business requirement?
How can a Company ensure optimal returns on its training investment?
The answer is provided by defining Training in a four-step process:

1- Analyse
2- Plan

This allows the Training Department to design a clear road map for the organisation’s Training program taking into account the specific performance gaps while ensuring that the training budget is kept within control.

Take the initiative to make your Training department ISO [10015+] compliant and position your company as a leader in training your staff towards performance excellence.