Training Consultancy

Minutes of Meetings


No matter what you do or where you work, you have attended meetings. Independent of the place they are held, meetings are time-consuming and time is valuable and a scarce resource. There are four requirements for a productive and a successful meeting: a strong chair, well-timed,  achievement of the objective for which the meeting was convened , and last but not least , accurate minutes. It has been said that if the minutes of a meeting are not accurate, then the meeting may just as well not have taken place. If people can't remember or agree on what actually took place at a meeting, how can the group effectively accomplish its objectives?

This one-day workshop helps minute-takers understand their role and the best techniques for producing minutes that include all the essential information needed.

Participants will learn how to:

Recognize the importance of minute-taking and to be able to use this to their advantage;
Be able to remedy many of the complaints that face minute-takers;
Be able to write minutes that are suitable for formal meetings, informal meetings, and action meetings;
Develop the essential skills of an effective minute-taker.